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Chapter Technology Transfer (CTTC)

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The Chair’s attendance at the Chapter Technology Transfer Workshop at the CRC meeting.

Coordinating dissemination of technical information in the chapter’s geographic area

Promoting and administering the chapter’s Technology Awards program and encouraging entries in the regional competition.

Keeping the chapter informed on technical issues related to heating, ventilating, refrigeration and air conditioning.

Providing assistance to the Chapter Publicity Committee in contacting local news media and chapter publications and offering to provide necessary information and material.

Providing assistance to the Chapter Historian in maintaining a history of the chapter’s technical and energy activities.

Planning the speakers and other logisticsof monthly chapter meetings for the year, including reviewing speaker presentations for ASHRAE Commercialism Policy infractions.

Reporting to the RVC for the Chapter Technology Transfer Committee

Assisting the RVC for Chapter Technology Transfer to achieve the goals of the Society at the chapter level.

Committee Members

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Medhat

President Elect