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Student Activities Committee (SA)

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Attend the SAC Workshop at the CRC.

Encourage the formation and continuing operation of student engineering organizations such as ASHRAE Student Branches.

Collaborate with the Membership Promotion Committee and Young Engineers in ASHRAE Committee to contact and encourage graduating student members to continue their membership through the SmartStart program. Contact graduating students toward the end of the school year, preferably two or three months p

Provide information on present and future industry manpower needs at both faculty and student levels, by means of counseling, programs, group discussion, etc.

Promote credit courses in the fields of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating at universities, colleges, technical institutes and junior colleges.

For regions that have a spring CRC, the Chair for the next year is encouraged to attend the Student Activities Workshop and CRC.

Act as liaison between the chapter and area educational institutions

Develop and coordinate awards, scholarships and other student incentives.

Recruit new student members.

Provide speakers to college and high school groups.

Provide individual counseling to promote HVAC&R fields of interest to college students

Plan use of visual aid presentations for high schools and trade schoolgroups; materials are available through the RVC for Student Activities

Cooperate with and seek advice from the RVC for Student Activities.

Provide to the RVC PAOE statistical report forms.

Committee Members

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Medhat

President Elect