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Government Affairs (GAC)

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Providing current, relevant information to chapter members regarding government activities in their communities, including any limitations placed on these activities by local, state or provincial governmental bodies.

Serving as a clearinghouse of government adoptions of ASHRAE-developed and endorsed standards, guidelines and positions.

Providing assistance to the Chapter Publicity Committee (if one exists) in contacting local news media and chapter publications and offering to provide necessary information and material.

Keeping the chapter, region and Society Government Activities staff informed on relevant governmental activities.

Keeping local, provincial and state governments updated on technical issues.

Providing assistance to the Chapter Historian in maintaining a history of the chapter’s governmental activities.

Promoting the appointment of chapter members to local, provincial and state governmental bodies.

Coordinating dissemination of governmental activities-related information to members and obtaining feedback from chapter and individual member government activities.

Reporting PAOE points earned in accomplishing the committee’s goals.

Assisting the RVC for Government Affairs to achieve the goals of the Society at the chapter level.

Maintaining tools to train and enable chapter members to effect positive interactions with government entities in their communities, especially in the use of Society documents and the advancement of the Society’s public policy agenda.

The Chapter GAC chair is responsible for informing chapter members involved in GAC activities of any local, provincial or state statutory or regulatory limitations placed upon government activities.

Reporting to the Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for the Government Affairs Committee

Committee Members

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Medhat

President Elect