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Membership Promotion (MP)

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Attracting new members who will be active in the Society, locally and/or at the Society level.

Encouraging membership from all segments of the industry to join.

In conjunction with the Secretary, ascertaining that all prospective chapter members are bona fide members of Society.

Collaborating with Student Activities Committee and Young Engineers in ASHRAE Committee to encourage students to retain their memberships when they graduate.

Advising the President and the Reception Committee when new members are elected or when members advance in membership grade, to ensure proper recognition at chapter meetings and in chapter publications.

Organizing and executing membership drives, including encouraging participation from local consulting firms.

Receiving from the Attendance Committee and/or Reception Committee a record of the names of people attending the chapter meetings.

Cooperating with and seeking advice from the Membership Promotion Regional Vice Chair.

Providing a computer and internet access at chapter meetings so that individuals can join online.

Reviewing each member’s status to select and recommend nominations for honors and awards.

Reducing the number of member resignations or membership lapses.

Committee Members

Eng. Maria Morgan

BOG & Co-Secretary


in 1803 Thomas Moore of Maryland received US Patent for a Refrigerator. First patent issued in US for refrigration.

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