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Research Promotion Committee (RP)

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Attending the CRC and Research Promotion Centralized Training.

Communicating effectively the objectives, accomplishments and benefits of ASHRAE research and its value to every Society member and the industry.

Increasing the annual income for Society sponsored research through chapter solicitation of members and businesses that directly or indirectly benefit from ASHRAE research.

Developing a prospect list of businesses in the area, especially those represented in the Society membership and those in an ASHRAE-related field.

Coordinate efforts to obtain chapter Full Circle donations.

Completing the Research Promotion Donor Form and submitting it with all checks to Research Promotion.

In collaboration with chapter officers, developing a plan and setting a total goal for funds to be collected.

Providing support for and collecting funds for the ASHRAE Foundation and scholarships.

Assigning minimum goals for the prospects

Assigning each prospect to a committee member and preparing a detailed program with targeted dates for activities

Following current administrative procedures for collecting and reporting contributions

Maintaining a written record of each activity

Cooperating and coordinating efforts with Regional Vice-Chairs for Research Promotion

Coordinating with chapter officers to ensure that one meeting per year is dedicated to “Research” or “Research Promotion”

Committee Members

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Medhat

President Elect