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NOU and EFI seminar

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NOU and EFI seminar
Date: 26-12-2022
Organized by: Chamber of Engineering Industry (the Federation of Industries) - the
Division of Electrical Appliances & Ministry of Environment Ozone Unit -
National Ozone Unit (NOU)
Place: CBMI (Chamber of building materials industries)
 Eng. Salah Hassan (ASHRAE Pyramids Chapter GA Committee Chair).
 Eng. Ali Yassin (ASHRAE Pyramids Chapter BOG and Treasure).
 Mr. Mohamed Al Mohandes (Chairman of the Board of Directors).
 Engineer Hassan Mabrouk (Chairman of the Division).
 Dr. Izzat Louis (Members of the Ozone Unit).
 A representative of the Ministry of Foreign Trade.
 A group of electrical appliances companies and his representative.
 The Department of Productive Efficiency both of Eng. Israa Ghoneim, and
Professor Dr. Alaa Alma